M12 Mirror Taximeter

Stylish and Full-Featured

*Please note, pricing is for equipment purchase only.  Installation and any other required work will attract an additional cost.  Contact us for further details.



Mirror Styling

The M12 fits over your vehicle’s rear view mirror, making installation seamless and stylish. The meter has a slim profile and fits securely to your vehicle. Operation is straightforward, and the meter is supplied with a simple Quick Start Guide to get you working straight away.

Calendar Controlled or Manual Tariffs

In common with the other Aquila taximeter products, the M12 can be programmed to handle any combination of time, distance and fares. It can automatically select the correct rate to charge, or it can be completely manual. It also supports complex combinations of calendar and manual structures.

Approved and Compliant

The M12 is CE/M marked to show it complies with the requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive. To achieve this, the taximeter has been tested for compliance with the standards, and the manufacturer is regularly assessed to ensure ongoing compliance.