Hytera PD415

The PD415 shares all the common features of the PD405, but with the added feature of integrated RFID reader. Utilise with Hytera’s patrol software to create a cost-effective and user-friendly audit train for security personnel.

Key Features

  • Integrated RFID reader
  • MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
  • IP55 Compliance
  • Dual Mode (analogue & digital)
  • TDMA Direct Mode in DMO
  • 256 channel capacity, 3 zones
  • Supports mix (analogue & digital) channel
  • One Touch Call/Text message
  • Digital voice call function
  • Digital text message function (pre-programmable message)
  • VOX

Standard Package

  • Radio
  • Standard Antenna
  • Li-ion Battery (1500mAh)
  • Single Charger & power supply
  • Leather Strap
  • Belt Clip

Hytera PD415 Product Brochure



Integrated RFID reader (PD415) – Use with RFID tags and checkpoints to transmit patrol information back to Hytera’s patrol software via radio signal.

Impressive voice quality – With embedded digital technology, the PD415 produces outstanding voice quality, even in noisy environments, and at the outer perimeters of radio coverage.

Improved utilisation of the frequency spectrum – Thanks to the TDMA method, DMR radios make it possible to configure the available bandwidth with double the channel capacity of conventional analogue radio. This has a clear mitigating effect on increasing spectrum scarcity.

Mixed analogue and digital channel – This function ensures that the PD415 can detect both analogue and digital signals and change automatically to the relevant operating mode.

Robust build quality – The PD415 is dust and water-resistant (IP54) and meets US military standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G.