This is a simple to operate hosted dispatch method which is designed to complement the IP Radio system. It provides you with a desktop or control room facility which will enhance your operation giving you total control of all your staff assets and a tracking system at your fingertips.

The dispatching system is a Hosted cloud-based facility, set-up for your exclusive use and simply accessed by inputting your log-in credentials to our unique server using your own PC’s linked to the web.

We offer both portable and mobile radios for use with the IPRL-Dispatcher which offer incredible coverage throughout the UK and Ireland.

For a no obligation demonstration or quote, contact us on 02890 662266 or sales@airphoneuk.com.


When you are logged in you will have access to the following facilities.

  • The dispatcher PC itself can be used to transmit to your radios using its inbuilt mic and speakers.
  • Live Google maps screen view of all staff locations, speed, street view + traffic information.
  • Review all tracked journeys for date and time requested.
  • All radio units are displayed on screen with ID or call sign/name.
  • View of radios status e.g. switched on / off.
  • Create or view different user groups for your staff users.
  • System allows private one to one conversations between dispatcher and staff.
  • You may electronically disable any radio units if lost or stolen. *Set-up timings for lone worker units.
  • Review live audio transmissions and recordings, with time and date stamp for each transmission.
  • Electronic fencing and emergency signalling.
  • Set tracking speed (different for Pedestrians / Vehicles)
  • Show Live users/Last location/All users on line