• 3M™ Peltor™ Battery Pack ACK03

    3M id. XH001653464Battery Pack 1700 mAh, NiMh. Charging time 5-6 hours Charger only Peltor FR03EU, FR03GB and FR03-12Fits: Peltor Alert Peltor LiteCom Peltor LiteCom III Peltor WS Headset Peltor WS Adapter Peltor Tactical XP Peltor Tactical Pro Peltor FM radio Peltor Radio XP Peltor Pro Tac II Peltor PowerCom
    £15.00 BUY
  • 3M™ Peltor™ Battery charger FR03*

    Charger for Battery Pack ACK03FR03GB: UK plug, 230V, 3M id. XH001655451 FR03EU: EU plug, 230V, 3M id. XH001655444 FR03US 900: US plug, 3M id. XH001671565 FR03-12: 12V, 3M id. XH001655436
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  • 3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Plus Headset, 34dB, Headband, MT7H7A4410-EU

    The 3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Plus headset is based on a robust basic design with a number of added features. This is a headset that is designed for demanding use on a daily basis. It lets you talk hands-free and work safely regardless of harmful noise levels. Active level-dependent filtering of ambient sound ensures you are not isolated from your immediate surroundings, but can still hear alarms, unexpected sounds and calls for help.3M™ PELTOR™ LiteCom Plus Headsets feature a built-in analogue two-way radio, available in 8 channel PMR version and 69 channel PMR version, both with 121 sub-channels – to help you communicate even more efficiently in noisy environments. The noise cancelling dynamic microphone provides voice-operated transmission (VOX) for hands free use, and an external jack allows you to connect a mobile device or another two-way radio. Sound levels constantly change in demanding situations. When the noise quiets down, you can turn up the environmental listening function to improve situational awareness or speak with co-workers who are close by, and if the hazardous noise returns the level dependent technology will kick in to help protect your hearing again. Litecom Plus Headsets have a clear battery status indicator and an auto power off function to save energy.
    £615.00 BUY
  • Hytera TC320

    Cost-effective, licence-free two-way radio

    The analog handheld HYT TC-320 is a licence-free PMR446 radio (walkie talkie) that offers many functions for an attractive price. Excelling with a compact, ergonomic design, the TC-320 delivers excellent sound quality and offers resistance against impacts, ideal for commercial environments.
    Standard Package
    • Radio
    • Standard Antenna
    • Li-ion Battery (1700mAh)
    • Single Charger
    • Leather Strap
    • Belt Clip
    Hytera TC-320 Product Brochure
    £69.00 BUY
  • Hytera POWER446

    Rugged and quick to operate straight out of the box, the HYT POWER446 is a licence-free two-way radio (also known as a walkie talkie) that excels with its clear voice quality and long battery life. Thanks to the robust and reliable design (IP66 rating) you can fully concentrate on your task at hand even in harsh environments.Standard Package
    • Radio
    • Standard Antenna
    • Li-ion Battery (2000mAh)
    • Single Charger
    • Leather Strap
    • Belt Clip
    Hytera POWER446 Product Brochure
    £145.00 £135.00 BUY
  • Motorola XT180

    Developed specifically for business and commercial users, the XT180 is a general purpose radio (also known as walkie talkie) enabling instant and clear communication between colleagues and team members.The XT180 offers many benefits without the necessary purchase of a radio license. New handsets can be added to existing fleets at any time to meet the demand. The XT180 was designed to be lightweight, comfortable and simple to use with high performance rechargeable batters. The radios have been tested using Motorola's Accelerated Life testing to simulate 5 years of use, ensuring long term reliability and durability.Motorola XT180 Product Brochure
    £103.00 £80.50 BUY
  • Motorola XT420

    The XT400 Series combines outstanding quality with excellent affordability, offering crisp audio and performance even in hard use, high noise or harsh conditions. Communication is convenient with customised channel announcements, voice-activated mode (with or without accessory) and loud and clear audio output. The radio operates on license and subscription-free PMR446 frequencies.The XT400 Series radios have undergone Motorola's unique and gruelling Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) that simulates up to 5 years of field use and meets Military Standard 810 C, D, E, E and G plus IP55, offering a radio that is built to last in tough conditions.Motorola XT420 Product Brochure
    £135.00 £106.00 BUY
  • Motorola CLP 446

    The CLP PMR446 is a sleek, contemporary radio, perfect for when it will be on show in environments such as retail, hospitality and restaurants. The radio is small with a simple one-button, push-to-talk operation, durable design and long battery life. It offers flexible, versatile carry options and delivers clear, strong audio even in noisy locations.Motorola CLP446 Product Brochure
    £179.00 £140.00 BUY