IP Portable Radios

  • IPRL-W1 – Portable 2-Way Radio with GPS

    Constructed like modern 2-way radio, the IPRL-W1 operates in much the same way with a few important exceptions.  The most important one is that you will have virtually unlimited range with over 90% of the UK and Ireland with coverage extending throughout all of Europe.Each radio has a pre-fitted multi-network SIM which provides unlimited talk time and is connected to the main server for security and control.The radio will work out of the box with virtually limitless range throughout Europe and beyond with no other programming required.A desktop dispatcher system to support tracking is available to compliment the service providing access to your own private cloud hosted server with dispatching and tracking with Google maps, together with numerous other facilities.  See IP-Dispatch for further details.* Additional fees apply for SIM Cards, Licences and use of dispatcher.
    *Call for latest promotional prices
    £175.00 BUY