IP Mobile Radios

  • IPRL-Dispatch

    This is a simple to operate hosted dispatch method which is designed to complement the IP Radio system. It provides you with a desktop or control room facility which will enhance your operation giving you total control of all your staff assets and a tracking system at your fingertips.The dispatching system is a Hosted cloud-based facility, set-up for your exclusive use and simply accessed by inputting your log-in credentials to our unique server using your own PC’s linked to the web.We offer both portable and mobile radios for use with the IPRL-Dispatcher which offer incredible coverage throughout the UK and Ireland.For a no obligation demonstration or quote, contact us on 02890 662266 or sales@airphoneuk.com.
  • IPRL-100 Mobile Radio With GPS

    Immediate, reliable communication you need to keep mobile teams working efficiently.
    This in-vehicle fixed mobile radio is a simple to use, long range vehicle radio which provides virtually unlimited range over 90% of the UK and Ireland with coverage extending throughout all of Europe.Each radio has a pre-fitted multi-network SIM which provides unlimited talk time and is connected to the main server for security and control.  The radio will work out of the box with virtually limitless range throughout Europe and beyond with no other programming required.It also has inbuilt GPS which can be used in conjunction with the Radiolink dispatcher which offers extensive control and tracking services. Dispatcher will allow playback of journeys and voice message.

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