NATO Conference 2014 - Wales

This year Wales hosted the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in Britain at the NATO summit on 4 to 5 September 2014.Following the success of our radio communications system at the 2013 G8 Summit, they approached us to install a completely reliable and secure radio system for this historic event.All Nato’s 28 member countries were represented, with 4,000 delegates attending amid a security operation unprecedented in Britain.Airphone provided over 400 radios with a multi site radio communications system covering a distance of over 25 kilometres using a combination of Motorola DP3600 and DP4400 digital portable radios.In order to accommodate the large number of users, our engineering staff provided system design, supply and installation with multi-site links, enabling simultaneous communications between the command and control centre and supervisory radios.To expand the radio system further, ‘Linked Capacity Plus’ offered an effective multi-site trunking solution. This advanced technology extended the capacity to well over 1,000 users, without the need to add new frequencies.
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Motorola SolutionsMotorola Solutions has announced the cancellation of the VX-450 series, VX-264 and VX-2000 series Commercial Tier radios.  The existing Motorola Solutions radios are being offered as the replacements.

The products cancelled are:

VX-451 – VX-454 – VX-459 – VX-264 – VX-2100 – VX-2200

Motorola Solutions has said its objective is to support the existing products in the field for 5 years with services and parts. The last order date for these products is the 28th of June, 2019.  If you have any questions or upcoming requirements please let us know.
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The players at G8 Fermanagh included Airphone Communications who were invited to design and install a totally reliable Secure Digital radio communications system. It delivered guaranteed coverage for 450 private staff protecting VIPs within the conference site and in transit along the secure corridor from Enniskillen to within the resort itself.Continue Reading
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Motorola has announced that it will be bringing the entry tier Vertex Standard products into the Motorola Solutions portfolio as of January 2018. This will give us a single Motorola portfolio with a range of products in the Entry Tier and a much stronger position in the market place.As a result, the following models will be rebranded Motorola:Continue Reading
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