Motorola Solutions & Vertex Standard Portfolio Alignment

Motorola has announced that it will be bringing the entry tier Vertex Standard products into the Motorola Solutions portfolio as of January 2018. This will give us a single Motorola portfolio with a range of products in the Entry Tier and a much stronger position in the market place.As a result, the following models will be rebranded Motorola:Analogue products: VZ-30, VX-260 Series, VX-450 Series and VX-21/2200 Digital products: EVX-261 and EVX-S24 All other models will be due for cancellation through 2018 including:Phase 1 (Q1 2017): VX-920 Series, VX-1400 Series and VXR-7000 Phase 2 (Q2 2017): VX-6000, VX-5500 Phase 3 (Q4 2017): VX-241, VX-820 Series, VX-45/4600, VXR-9000, EVX-530 Series, EVX-53/5400, EVX-R70, EVX-Link Accessories will also be re-branded when the new Motorola models arrive in 2018.