Month: November 2016

2003 NI Everest Expedition - Airphone Walkie Talkies I thought I would share some Airphone history. Below is an excerpt of an article following the Northern Ireland Everest Expedition in 2003. Airphone owner and Managing Director, Mike Foster worked closely with Team Leader, Richard Dougan to ensure that the team could communicate clearly at all times with people on and off the mountain.
“With very few climbers on the mountain and with favorable weather conditions forecast, the team are hopeful that their summit attempt will not be hampered by other mountaineers at the last rockface before the summit, the Second Step (8600m). Both Banjo and Jamie report feeling very strong, essential for a successful assault of the world’s highest peak. Communications with the team are working well – the Airphone Communications GPS and walkie talkie systems allow the team to keep in contact both with each other and the outside world.”
Read the complete article below:
To see two of the radios that made it to the top click here.
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